Beach Volleyball Program

Piedmont is extremely excited to announce the addition of our beach volleyball program to the 2017-18 season! Piedmont’s Beach Volleyball Program is designed to give all levels of players the opportunity to grow as individuals by training them in a different element. Piedmont is a firm believer that with its comprehensive program this upcoming year, they can help transform players into more physical, smarter and conditioned volleyball players that will translate to the hardcourt.

Kyle Milborn – Executive Director & Lead Trainer

During Kyle’s time in the Chicagoland area, he launched and developed Club Fusion’s (Chicago, IL) first ever beach volleyball program. In it’s first year of existence, Club Fusion had 150 athletes in the program and consisted of all levels of skill sets. Club Fusion qualified and earned 1 of 8 spots to compete at the West Coach AAU Olympic Games in Hermosa Beach, CA where they brought home the bronze medal. High Point University’s Carly Jimenez (Below: Carly is pictured 2nd from the right) was one of the athletes who brought home the bronze. 

(Pictured Left-Right: Alex Nunez (DS/L, Loyola Un.), Nikki Kirchberg, Iman McGary (OH, UConn), Kelsey Dewulf (S, Minot Un.), Macy Geyer (S, Un. Illinois-Chicago), Carly Jimenez (S, High Point), Allie O’Reilly (DS/L, Austin Peay)

While still in Chicago, Kyle continued to build the Club Fusion beach program up before leaving for N.C to take over Piedmont VBC. During that time, Kyle continued to train many teams that went onto qualify for USAV Nationals Championships along with competing in other major national events across the country.

Kyle believes that under this training model, it not only has helped athletes on the indoor game but also helped prepare them for college. With beach volleyball collegiate scholarship opportunities being very slim; due to the fact that a vast majority of collegiate beach programs consist of players who are on scholarship with the indoor program. We will use our knowledge and experience to help prepare our athletes for the next level on the hardcourt while still giving them a strong foundation in beach volleyball.

Here’s a couple testimony from a couple of Kyle’s former players, Claire Anderson, Sophomore, OH from DePaul University & Jaclyn Taylor, Sophomore, S from Creighton University.

“I played beach volleyball for Kyle for two years leading up to collegiate volleyball at DePaul University. Although I do not play beach in college the skills that I learned during my time playing enhanced my overall skills as a player. Kyle did a great job of preparing me and my partner for competitions and put in a lot of time individually with us which lead to great success. The experience I had playing beach made me a better defensive player and smarter offensive player which I see translated into my indoor game. Kyle was a very good mentor for me and we still keep in touch to this day.”

“Playing with Kyle as a coach in beach helped enhance not only my beach game but also my indoor game and prepared me to play at Creighton University. Kyle helped to develop my skills by creating practices that were fun yet very productive and competitive so that my partner and I were ready for competition. While there were multiple teams at each practice, Kyle made sure to also focus on the individual development of each player. One area where I really saw the beach game help prepare me for college was defensively. In my opinion, a lot of volleyball, both beach and indoor, is mental and Kyle would help us to train the technical aspects but also our mentality. I can honestly say I would not be the player I am today without Kyle!”

Piedmont has put together a very knowledgable list of coaches that will help train the athletes under Kyle’s direction. Coaches who not only have played at some of the highest levels in beach volleyball but also who have trained athletes at such a level. 

How long is the Piedmont - Beach Season?

Our season consists of 3 months from May through July. Players who are still playing for the National program will be given the opportunity to still train in the sand during the season.

What age groups do you offer for the beach program?

Piedmont Beach VBC offers opportunity for ages 18U-14U. This is not a tryout style program as all players are welcome to join with the hopes of bettering there skill sets and progressing in volleyball.

If I didn't play Indoor at Piedmont can I still play?

Yes, we allow all players to join our beach program no matter what club they played for during the indoor season.

How are practices structured?

Practices will be on Mondays and Fridays from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Our first practice will be held on Monday, April 30th at from 5:30 – 7:00.

What's the cost associated with the beach program?

Piedmont offers 2 options for athletes to participate:

Full Season: $300 for all 3 months

Monthly Season: $100 per month

What's included in the dues for the beach program?

Full Season players will receive a NIKE Jersey Top, 2-Practice Tank Top and includes coaches salaries, court and equipment rental.

Monthly players will receive a practice tank top and includes coaches salaries plus court and equipment rental. Players will have the ability to purchase a jersey top at a discounted rate.

Are tournaments included with dues?

No, tournaments are not included with this fee but we encourage players to compete. Piedmont will help players navigate through all the tournaments offered and guide them in the right direction of tournaments that they believe to be a good fit for each athlete or team.

Do I need to have a partner in order to participate?

No, we encourage all athletes interested to participate whether or not they have a partner. We will definitely assist players in the process of finding a partner for events. Our philosophy is very similar to our indoor philosophy in that we believe in the individual training of each player first and training the team second. If both players are training hard then it should transfer into success on the court.

Do I need a USAV or AAU membership to participate?

Yes, you’ll need a USAV membership in order to participate in our program. If you play indoor during the 2017-18 club season chances are that you already have a membership and would just need to ensure Piedmont VBC is the designated club.
In order to compete at tournaments, you’ll need to ensure you have the correct membership needed to participate in that corresponding event. Some tournaments fall under the USAV umbrella and others are AAU affiliated. We will certainly help guide athletes through this process.

Do coaches attend tournaments?

Piedmont can’t guarantee they will always provide a coach at each tournament but will certainly be at some of the events. However, If you would like to have a coach at an event, then you can pay extra to ensure a coach to be at the event that you’re participating in.

Is there any travel associated with the beach program?

There certainly are tournaments located all over the country that athletes can travel to compete in but it’s not necessary. North Carolina and neighboring states also offer opportunities for athletes to play as well. For players that plan on attending AAU National Championships in Orlando, FL they can pair a beach tournament such as the AAU Super Regional in Cocoa Beach, FL with nationals. Piedmont VBC players must make sure this event is prior to the indoor AAU National Championships. For this event, Piedmont will have a staff present at no additional cost to the families.

When can I register for the Beach program?

Registration is now LIVE!