Opportunity for Piedmont to Give Back


Shampoo.  Soap.  Conditioner.  Lotion.  Every hotel we stay at during the travel volleyball season offers these amenities as part of the cost of our room stay – whether we use them or not.  If you don’t use them but would like to do something beneficial, here’s an opportunity.

Piedmont Volleyball Club is going to start collecting these hygiene items for donation to various homeless shelters.  We have players whose churches act as overflow homeless shelters during the winter months.  While the shelters often provide a meal and warm place to sleep, they can use our help with providing additional items that their guests need for personal hygiene.

If you would like to participate, simply start collecting items during your hotel stays.  You or your player can then bring items in to practice.  Kim will have a donation bin for collections.  Feel free to donate any additional hygiene items (not collected at hotels) if you wish!

Look for the bin to be brought out at each practice.  Thanks for your participation!

Note:  this great idea came from a Piedmont parent….thanks!



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