College Recruitment

Many players fall in love with the sport of volleyball and decide they want to try to play at a collegiate level. Over the years, Piedmont has had many of its players go on to play in college

Unlike football and some other sports, volleyball recruiting really doesn’t happen through your daughter’s high school. Collegiate coaches typically attend tournaments in order to scout out talent and watch specific players play.

Piedmont Volleyball Club has decided to bring in a great recruiting tool for all of our recruitable classes. Now, as a member of Piedmont Volleyball Club, you will be given access to for FREE.


Volleyball Recruits is online software that bridges the gaps in communication between players, coaches and directors with collegiate coaches nationwide. Each player will be given their own profile within Piedmont’s database. The profile allows athletes to share:  

  • Contact Information: Mailing address, contact phone numbers, email address and profile picture
  • Athletic Testing Statistics: Approach touch, block touch, vertical and other statistics
  • Academic Information: Class rank, G.P.A, NCAA eligibility number and transcripts
  • Video: Skills videos, highlight films and game footage

All information provided on your profile is protected, and college coaches are the only people allowed access to the information.

This online software has an extensive message system and advanced school search capabilities. Players will be able to message coaches or individual staff members, all within the messenger system. They can also search for schools based on Division (NCAA I, II, III and NAIA), location, academic standards and school size.

We think this is going to make a huge difference in helping our high school players in the recruiting process!

For Players

With so many talented players working towards the same goal, players that want to play in college need to take an active role in both finding the right college for them – and getting found by college coaches. If you want to get recruited:

  • Start by making a list of 10-20 potential schools where you might want to play. Make sure your list covers a variety of divisions – taking into consideration not only your skill set but also personality, courses offered, etc.
  • Once you have your target schools, begin contacting coaches. They want to see your interest and dedication to volleyball.
  • Set up unofficial visits and tour campuses. Plan to meet coaches as well as talk to current players.
  • Make sure your academics and extracurricular activities are strong. Even though you may be recruited to play a sport, schools still like to see a well-rounded student.

For Parents

Once your daughter has decided she would like to be recruited and has her list of schools, know that as parents, you can contact coaches directly. Make phone calls, visit the schools and make sure coaches know your daughter’s interest level.

Recruiting rules dictate that Division I coaches cannot call or meet with your daughter until July 1st of the summer between her junior and senior years. Coaches may contact your daughter through mail or email prior to that – as early as September 1st of their junior year.

Division II coaches can also begin mail/email contact on September 1st of junior year, but they may begin calling or meeting with your daughter on June 15th of the summer between her junior and senior year.

Division III coaches can call/meet with your daughter as soon as her junior year is over.

Parents: encourage your daughter to keep academics a priority as well as volleyball. Help her to understand the commitment to play at a collegiate level and keep her involved in the process. Explore many options to determine where she will be the happiest…both on the court and off.