How to Make the Most of Your Volleyball Off-Season

For all but our National teams, the indoor club volleyball season has come to an end. Everyone needs a break from the craziness of the club season to catch up on life, in general (especially the moms and dads!). Players need a break but the volleyball off-season is also an opportunity to work on the contributors to their success on the court for the next club season.

Nutrition improvement

The off-season offers a great opportunity to work on ways to more properly fuel your athlete’s body. Start by working on developing better eating habits: more regular meals, healthier snacks, eliminating bad foods from your diet .

It’s also a good time to try out eating new, healthy foods. You can take on more of the grocery shopping (your parents will love this!) and see if you like some of those healthy foods you’ve seen your teammates eating throughout the season!

Finally, if you’ve struggled with staying hydrated, you can work on developing a better hydration habit.  Force yourself to drink more water, through whatever methods work! Once your body gets used to taking in more fluids, it will crave them…and you’ll have better hydration by the time club season starts back.

volleyball off-season

One option: timed drinking goals marked on your water bottle

Off-season conditioning

The off-season is also a great time to get in better shape. Conditioning can have a huge impact on sports performance, so use the off-season months to work out regularly. Three areas of conditioning are important for all players:

  • Aerobic exercise, for endurance and general fitness
  • Weight work, for building muscle tissue
  • Speed, agility, jump training

If you are not sure where to begin, we can help you track down a professional trainer who can get you on a schedule. Just ask some of our older players – conditioning makes a huge difference in how they play their position.

Volleyball off-season skill work

Private lessons are much easier to work in during the off-season, as our coaches won’t be tied up with club practices and tournaments. One-on-one training can be invaluable to help correct a bad habit, refine a skill or simply get in many reps with immediate feedback on how you are doing. Talk to your club coach about what skills they think you need to work on strengthening. Sign up for private lessons with one of our coaches who specializes in that area.

Often, a coach is happy to split a lesson between two players of the same position, helping families save money. As well, sometimes a private lesson is benefited by having different positions represented. So maybe a hitter, passer and setter share a private lesson. Or a setter and hitters of two positions.

As well, look for clinics, which are usually smaller groups, or camps to work on specific skill sets. Piedmont Volleyball Club will have some of both, and there are many colleges that have great multi-day camps for high schoolers, with some for younger players.

Recruiting activities

If you are a high school player, you may be thinking about recruiting for college. There is not as much to do during the summer and early fall months, as college coaches are focused on their school teams. But there are a couple of things that you can do to be prepared for when the recruiting season starts back up.

First, if you don’t have a recruiting video, use the summer months to put one together. We’ve got people who can help you do this, and if you need gym space for filming, let us know. We’ll point you in the right direction.

As well, this is a good time to consider where you might want to play volleyball in college. Make a list of colleges, and if you are not sure what level (D1, D2, D3) is realistic for you, talk to your coach and our club director. Also, if you’ve already been involved in the recruiting process, organize your coaches contact list so that you’ll be ready to make contacts when that time rolls around.

Players that use the off-season wisely come back to club season with a distinct advantage over their competition. Enjoy your time off from playing…but make the most of it by focusing on the areas above, and you’ll be glad you did.

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