What to expect from our volleyball club tryouts

Tryouts can be stressful – but knowing what to expect may help alleviate the stress, especially if you’ve never tried out with our club before.  Here’s what you can expect as we get started with the first wave of volleyball club tryouts for our younger players:

Dates and location for tryouts

The Carolina Region JO tryouts have a definitive start and end date each season.  Check out our Greensboro tryout page or Winston-Salem tryout page for details on the process and what to bring.

All participants and a guardian will go to either the Greensboro Sportsplex or Forsyth Country Day School (Winston-Salem) for tryouts.  The registration process will begin about 30 minutes prior to the tryout start times.  You are not required to attend multiple sessions of the initial tryout, however, you may attend both days.

Pre-registration is recommended

Please pre-register online, if possible.  This will expedite the registration process the day of tryouts.  We prefer you to pay online using our PayPal account.  Registration is $40.  If you don’t pre-register, you will have to complete registration onsite and can pay by cash or check (made out to Piedmont Volleyball Club).  Given how busy we will be, we really do recommend pre-registration.

volleyball club tryouts

Once you arrive

All participants will go to their registration table listed by age grouping.  Please refer to the table listed on our tryouts pages for playing age requirements to make sure you register in the correct age grouping. You will also need two pieces of information

  • Aa copy of your renewed (current year) or new Carolina Region membership. All participants are required to be a member of the Carolina Region of USA Volleyball before they can begin the tryout process.
  • A copy of your Medical Release form.

Links to both forms are available on our Greensboro and Winston-Salem tryouts pages.

Last stage of registration

In the final stage of registration, participants will get their picture taken. Putting a face with a name helps our coaching staff making better decisions with team selection.  As well, the picture will list the age, team, and height, and primary position that the participant would like to try out for. Each participant and guardian will be asked which level of team selection they wish to try out for.  For 14 and younger age groups, we offer Regional and Zonal teams.

The tryout and team selection

As the participants begin to warm up by age group, the coaching staff will have the participants go through a battery of drills that will consist of serving, passing, and attacking.  Each participant will be evaluated by a group of selected coaches that will grade skill levels.  At the end of the tryout day, the coaching staff will compare notes to begin the process for team selection.

During tryouts Saturday and Sunday, players will be told if they have an invitation to play with Piedmont Volleyball Club. We may then ask the players to come back on one of the weekday tryouts.  If we feel that a player may not be ready for a requested team selection we will offer an alternative team level for them to play with our club.  It is our goal to offer an invitation to all the participants who sign up for the regional program.

Teams selection will be posted on our website on after all tryouts are completed.

We thank you for trying out with Piedmont Volleyball Club and look forward having you part of our program.  Good luck with tryouts!

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