Why Play Club Volleyball?

club volleyball

Club volleyball, also referred to as Junior Olympic or JO Volleyball, has grown in popularity in the past twenty some-odd years.  Eventually, most players really committed to the sport of volleyball will choose to play club ball.  They’ll go through the tryout process and be assigned to a team at a club, usually with other players their age, and will train and compete in tournaments throughout the off-season of their school teams.

So why should you play club volleyball?

In a nutshell, club volleyball can help a player meet several goals, including:

  • Improving their skills and game experience – With the length of season, weekly practices and numbers of tournaments played, skills can’t help but improve…sometimes dramatically.
  • Receiving strong coaching – Many clubs hire coaches who have been coaching for a long time or were players themselves and now coach.  It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Preparing players to better compete for playing time or starter positions back at their schools
  • Gaining exposure to college coaches and programs – For the volleyball player who wants to play at a collegiate level, club is a must, as most recruiting doesn’t happen through high school sports as with football.
  • Getting to compete at a higher level – Players may find themselves at less competitive high schools when they could handle more competitive play.  Club volleyball allows that player to get matched to a team commensurate with her skills set where she can experience a more challenging level of play.
  • Improving physical fitness – With two-three practices per week and day-long tournaments, players build strength, stamina and overall conditioning.
  • Meeting new friends with similar goals – We all know that school volleyball players can vary with their commitment and interest in the sport.  With club ball, players are likely to be a team with other like-minded players that they’ll bond with both on and off the court.
  • Extending the season of the sport they love!
 "As a former club player for Piedmont VBC and now a current collegiate coach, I believe that girls today should play club volleyball because club isn’t just another place where girls can learn about volleyball, it's an environment where the girls can learn life skills, travel, and see other different styles of play out side of there own. As a club player I was surrounded by many positive supporters that pushed me every practice and match to be a better person. Forming trust, communication, and respect for my coaches and teammates allowed our small club program to turn into a family environment. Even if you were having the worst day of your life, coaches and teammates would always find a way to pull you out of your funk." ~ Ariel Newman, Piedmont Volleyball Club coach 


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